MesoJet Premium 2.0 HandPiece

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The new Premium Handpiece 2.0 is going to change the approach to the hydroporation treatments.

The optimized and extremely homogeneous micronization of the serums delivered allows to reach the deep layers of the skin, in a very pleasant and never invasive way.

The PREMIUM Handpiece 2.0 is compatible with all well-known Jet hydroporation technologies on the market.

For every purchase of a Premium Handpiece 2.0 we offer 1 free live Video-Call with one of our trainers who will explain how to use it best. The Video-Call will take place by appointment within a few days after receipt of the Handpiece, will last up to 30 minutes and will be conducted in English, French or Italian.

The Premium Handpiece 2.0 is shipped in a box containing:

  • Handpiece;
  • 5 spike tubes for connection to the serum vials;
  • 1 sample of the Handpiece Long Life cleaning product;
  • QR code for Instructions for Use.

The Premium Handpiece comes with the logo:

  • MesoJetTM for owners of MesoJet Technology;
  • Jet SolutionTM for all other Jet Hydroporation Technologies.
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The Premium Handpiece 2.0 is:

  • Continuously reusable: if properly used and cleaned, it lasts potentially indefinitely and only needs periodic maintenance;
  • Micronizes serums much more efficiently than traditional handpieces;
  • The jet stream is adjustable according to skin type and sensitivity;
  • It delivers more serum and less air for a much more pleasant treatment experience;
  • Allows to work in total safety and great precision in delicate areas such as around the eyes and lips;
  • The delivery of the serum is more homogeneous, thus avoiding the typical ‘wet face’ effect;
  • It is environmentally friendly: from today we say no more plastic handpieces that are thrown away after a few treatments;
  • It cleans easily and in just a few seconds thanks to the specific Long Life cleanser;
  • Lightweight and ergonomic.

For the validity of the Warranty the Premium Handpiece 2.0:

  • must be used with original JetSolutionTM serums;
  • must always be cleaned with the specific product;
  • there must have been a free training Video-Call.

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  1. Italian


    It was an incredible purchase for me, because it is a revolutionary product!
    I work very well with this fantastic Handpiece. It is comfortable and more precise.

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