Pinceau PreciousWave

 20,50 (H.T.)

Professional brush for the homogeneous application of serums, gels and creams.

THE STATE-OF-THE-ART MADE IN ITALY BRUSH targeting an extremely precise and homogenous application of both home care and professional cosmetics.

Pack containing 1 brush.

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SILKY LIKE NO OTHER: EVERY TOUCH IS AN EXPERIENCEJust as natural hair PreciousWave brush is produced in single conical filaments having a root and a point. The point is the first part touching your skin providing such a velour effect, that application will feel like a massage, allowing to apply a perfectly homogeneous thin layer of product on the skin surface. DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED and GENTLE ON SKINSpecifically designed thinking about sensitive skins, the sensory and technical performances obtained have been extensively tested for a total certainty of epidermic contact compatibility. Highly hygienic, PreciousWave BRUSH is washable after each application with using warm water.VEGAN AND ANIMAL FREE: A COMBINATION OF QUALITY, PERSONALITY AND SUSTAINABILITY EMPOWERING BEAUTY.In a cosmetic world more willing to be virtuous, PreciousWave Brush is the ecologically sound fibre dressed up with your values without compromising either on ethics or on ethical results.


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