Power Bi-Phasic

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Power Bi-Phasic treatment is definitely the most promising application for the fastest and longest-lasting anti-aging results using the Jet Technology because during the same session the pratictioner uses 2 different but complementary products infusing 8 ml of serum.

After a careful exfoliation infuse 4 ml of Power Bi-Phasic 1 and then infuse 4 ml of Power Bi-Phasic 2.

Power Bi-Phasic is recommended either as a protocol of a weekly 6-session series for aging skin, or as a single shock treatment when an immediate firming and glowing effect is required.

The Box contains 1 vial of 50ml of Power Bi-Phasic 1 and 1 vial of 50ml of Power Bi-Phasic 2.

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Main active ingredients:
Vial 1:
• HYALURONIC ACID: This special formulation is based on four types of hyaluronic acids with different formulas and molecular weights to ensure the best penetration.
• BIO-PEPTIDES: By interacting with molecules that can signal cells to produce more collagen, bio-peptides are thought to stimulate cell activity, resulting in firmer and more compact skin. The specific bio-peptides contained in Power Bi-Phasic 1 are considered “age-reverse peptides” that protect DNA from damage, stimulate its natural repair, and enhance cellular longevity and vitality. Power Bi-Phasic 1 formula also contains rice bran protein, soybean protein, and oxidoreductases.

Vial 2:
Power Bi-Phasic Vial 2 contains a very high concentration of some of the most powerful and effective ingredients for strong anti-aging results.
• VEGETAL STEM CELLS: These provide multi-level protection of the collagen network by boosting new collagen synthesis and preventing its loss. They act as potent anti-oxidants, providing anti-inflammatory effects and protection against UV radiation.
• THE FORMULA ALSO CONTAINS: Betaine, rice bran protein, soybean protein, equisetum extract and echinacea extract. The combination of these ingredients with vegetal stem cells stimulates the skin proteins to activate micro-circulation and to incite cell reproduction.

• Anti-Aging shock treatment
• Glowing glam effect treatment
• For very deep wrinkles
• For very mature skin


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